PLUS! CIF & NIL Rules; Building Relationships & Muscles; and Big 12/Pac-12 Merger?


August 7, 2021

  I Want to Become an Athletic Director. Now what?

Athletic director, director of student activities, assistant principal for athletics, dean of athletics, and athletic program manager are just a few of the many titles associated with a position in interscholastic athletic administrator. But titles can be deceiving, and it can be a mistake to generalize the job or the work by just the title. If considering a move into administration, do your homework so you can be confident the move is the right decision for you.

  4 Tips to Maximize Your Digital Scoreboard

Last summer, Coach & Athletic Director invited four athletic administrators to an on-demand webinar to discuss creative ways to raise funds amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, a year later, as we emerge from that tumultuous tunnel, it is still important to carry out the ideas we thought of in a post-pandemic world.


The Fast, Touch-Free Hydration Solution

WaterMonster is the go-to source for hydration needs. Our WaterMonster Tank system is sustainable, lightweight, replaces 1000 water bottles, and is customizable with over a dozen accessories. The UltraSpout (with optional foot pedal) is the only 100% touch free dispensing solution for the common water cooler.
  Between the Lines: Makin’ It Look Easy

I used to think being an athletic director was easy. From my point of view, it looked like the sort of dream job former athletes could thrive in and still stay close to sports.

  CIF Allows NIL Profits for High Schoolers

The recent interim adoption of name, image, and likeness (NIL) rules by the NCAA has already muddied the waters for soon-to-be collegiate student-athletes on whether they can earn NIL profits at the high school level.


Automate the Weigh-In. Better Data, Less Work.

The Sportscale System is a game-changer in repetitively tracking athlete weights. Weight collection is now effortless with our patented device and cutting-edge software. Automated features include: athlete identification, weight change calculations, real-time mobile alerts, customized athlete feedback, and more!

Update Your Athletic Program

Planning on making changes to your program? The 2021 Buyers' Guide is your complete resource highlighting the latest products and services from leading suppliers in the industry! Browse the directory by products, suppliers or the marketplace. Get your guide today.
  Big 12, Pac-12 Leaders Meet to Discuss Possible Merger

With the news of Big 12 perennial powers like the University of Texas and Oklahoma University trying to leave the conference in favor of the SEC, the Pac-12 Conference has also been in talks with the Big 12 about a possible merger or re-alignment.

  Building Relationships, Building Muscles

{Sponsored} Coaches are unique among other teachers. Coaches get to influence players’ skills on and off the football field. They teach life lessons other faculty may not have the opportunity to teach. Coaches forge their student-athletes with a sense of purpose, a positive view of continued physical fitness for life and build relationships that last past the students’ final seasons on the team.



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